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ASK Filerobot intelligently extracts

information from your media assets with AI

Stay ahead of your competition with faster content workflows. Reduce time-to-market; from weeks to days.

More than 1 trillion copyright media assets are created every year. Trying to manage, organize and process them manually has become increasingly challenging.

Scaleflex’s ASK Filerobot enhances your Digital Asset Management with market-leading AI & ML automations to create dynamic ways to screen, retrieve and govern your digital assets.

Solve Content Challenges Today, and in the Future

Enhance the business benefits of your Digital Asset Management

Content Moderation

Media Retrieval

Background Removal

AI-powered content moderation with human-level accuracy

240,000 images are posted on Facebook and 65,000 photographs are shared on Instagram every minute. It is impractical to screen through such high volumes of content daily through a subjective assessment process.

  • Eliminate NSFW images
  • Flag off-brand visuals
  • Moderate user-generated content
  • Prevent copyright infringement with high accuracy
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Content Moderation

Fast and seamless media retrieval with smart metadata tagging

Enrich the search and media retrieval experience of your DAM with automatic generation of rich and intuitive metadata, available in over 50 languages.

  • Save thousands of hours
  • Reduce manual tagging errors
  • Generate search engine-friendly descriptive metadata
  • Improve SEO
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Media Retrieval

Automate repetitive image transformations and background removal in one click and in one place

Save time and focus on other high-impact tasks with our batch editing and bulk background removal feature.

  • Detect white space automatically
  • Crop images intelligently
  • Remove background seamlessly
  • Create clean, sleek and sophisticated product images
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Background removal

Success stories

Learn how these companies leverage ASK Filerobot to enhance productivity and boost Content-to-Market workflows

malt logo

Malt, the leading freelance consulting marketplace in Europe manages over 380,000 user profiles.

face detection icon

Face Detection

Automatically screen through users' profile pictures to reject photographs without a face.

Saved over hours of time-consuming manual filtering and lower labour costs.

nice-matin logo
News & Media

The Nice-Matin group, a regional daily press publishes thousands of content and images every day.

smart tagging icon

Smart Tagging

Batch upload and automatic tagging. ASK Filerobot recognizes and labels images according to the context, faces and colors.

Seamless retrieval of images, thanks to the enriched search bar.

ludwig beck logo

Ludwig Beck, the emblematic and historical mall in Munich city center has made its catalogue available online on their Magento e-shop.

background removal icon

Background Removal

Replacing the background of the image that conforms to the colors of each platform in bulk

No more long hours on Photoshop; individually removing the background of product images.

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ASK Filerobot Features

background removal icon
Background Removal

E-Commerce websites and Marketplaces can harmonize their online catalogue with unified image backgrounds.

face detection icon
Face Detection

Digital Newspapers or online Marketplaces can trigger an action based on face detection (blur, auto-crop, etc.).

smart tagging icon
Smart Tagging

Content teams can easily search files based on tags applied automatically and in several languages on each image and video.

optipress icon

Powerful in-house algorithm to re-compress JPEG files according to their complexity without impacting the perceived quality.

object detection icon
Object Detection

Marketplaces importing multi-vendors catalogues can detect the object present in an image (watermark, illustration, etc.).

auto resizing icon

Marketplaces importing multi-vendors catalogues can detect when an image is poorly framed and take action (auto-crop).

brand detection icon
Brand Detection

E-Commerce and Marketplaces can easily detect over 290 brand’s logos and its location on images to extract information

nsfw detection icon
NSFW Detection

Businesses that work with user-generated content get to safeguard their brand by detecting and screening out images containing adult content

image similarity icon
Image Similarity

Media companies and agencies can prevent misuse of media and prevent copyright issues.

schema recognition icon
Schema Recognition

Marketplaces can automatically recognize if the picture presents a schema or image on upload

dominant colors icon
Dominant Color

Design agencies can do away with subjective assessment of images by detecting dominant colors

OCR icon

News & Media sites can look forward to a fuss-free and seamless way to extract text from images.

license plat blur icon
License Plate Blur

Automotive marketplaces can leverage the auto-detection of a license plate and create a blurred effect to censor confidential information

whitespace detect icon
Whitespace Detect

Marketing and design teams can make use of whitespace detection to intelligently crop away excess whitespace in images.

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ASK Filerobot can easily integrate an existing AI/ML model.

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Power up your company’s productivity and efficiency with AI & ML

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